NEWS FROM OUR CO-CHAIRS – next AGM Feb 16 2012

The Annual General Meeting of the Champlain Park Community Association will be held Thursday Feb. 16, 2012.
The following executive positions are open for nominations:
Treasurer – Act as Treasurer (bookkeeping and banking tasks not involved); attend executive committee meetings; prepare the annual incorporation report and financial statement; update insurance information; and perform other business functions that may arise.

Miscellaneous – Periodically people have come forward who wish to be “members at large” who can take on a variety of interests. The sitting executive would be responsible for evaluating such requests.
If you are interested in these roles, please contact Heather Pearl

Enviro Corner

The objective of the community association’s Environment Committee is to engage residents to make Champlain Park a model of a sustainable community with the outcomes of lower waste, a lower carbon footprint, and an increase to or maintenance of biodiversity. We hope to provide info and tips to the community on how it can contribute. Here are some ideas that each individual can do to lower waste.

• Our local Metro at the corner of Carleton Ave. and Richmond Road takes plastic bags for recycling. A large blue bin is set up just inside the first set of doors, amongst the shopping buggies.
• Did you know that batteries can be recycled at any Ottawa Public Library branch? Our nearby branches are Rosemount and Carlingwood. There is usually a plastic cylinder in the entry area in which to place the batteries.
• The City held a hazardous waste collection day in early November at Tunney’s Pasture. Instead of each individual driving over with their fertilizer, paints, oven cleaner, etc., many neighbours pooled their hazardous waste and made only one trip. This is a great initiative and we will announce upcoming similar events.
• Other good tips on recycling, including green bin and specialty items, can be found at the City of Ottawa website:
• Garbage cans often overflow after the holiday festivities. Avoid sending stuff to the landfill by wrapping your gifts in reusable fabric gift bags, using the comic strip page to wrap gifts for kids, and using natural materials such as pine cones and evergreen branches for decoration. If you prefer to buy gift wrap, please purchase paper that uses recycled content.

– Maija Adamsons

Environmental survey – fill it out!

The Champlain Park Environment Committee is establishing
an environmental strategy for our neighbourhood. We
would like to understand our neighbourhood’s views and
practices related to environmental issues.
We would appreciate it if one person in each household
would complete the survey delivered with this issue of the
Champlain Speaker.
Completed surveys can be dropped off at:
• 141 Keyworth Ave.,
• 118 Clearview Ave., or
• 201 Daniel Ave.
If you would like to fill out the survey on-line, go to http://
The closing date for the survey is January 31, 2012. We hope
to re-issue the survey in coming years to see what change is
taking place. Thank you fortaking the time to complete the
–Brian Tychie
To join the Environment Committee or learn more about its
activities contact the chair, Nick Xenos at 719-7780. Email
Nick at