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Champlain Park Trailheads Admin Wood chips

A good way to get a hold of you will be important as wood chip deliveries are somewhat random, both in timing and location of delivery. Once we are told of, see, or have someone report to us they’ve seen … Continue reading

Champlain Park Trailheads – Wood Chips

Goals and benefits of spreading wood chips on the National Capital Commission (NCC) trails and pathways within NCC woodlands buffering onto the Champlain Park Community These are the four pillars of the Trailheads operating principles – Safety, security, utility and … Continue reading

Champlain Park Trailheads

The Champlain Park Trailhead team consists of community volunteers, who take care maintaining the pathways and trails within the Champlain and Remic Woods throughout the year. The team works in partnership with the National Capital Commission (NCC), Champlain Park Community … Continue reading

Trailhead Snow Sculptures

Mysterious Trailhead snow sculptures momentarily appear in the Champlain Park! We would like to give a big thank you to Maggie Glossop and her volunteers for creating and maintaining the snow sculptures within the NCC woodlands.