Annual Membership Drive Goes Online

Use e-transfer, handy QR code to sign up/pay up!

The Champlain Park Community Association is launching its annual membership drive, with some important changes.

Instead of a door-to-door campaign, residents are asked to pay the $20 fee via e-transfer and use the QR code on this page to help submit members’ contact information.

[Fieldhouse in Champlain Park]

What does the association do? It works hard on many fronts to enhance and protect our community, under the guidance of an elected board of directors. (All volunteers!)

How will your $20 be used? To support CPCA activities, such as:

  • Coordinating events like theatre and yoga in the park, star gazing, Winter Carnival, an online chess tournament and contests with prizes.
  • Coordinating the rink, and fieldhouse activities.
  • Enhancing our natural green space (ski trails, pollinator garden, tree plantings).
  • Keeping us secure through Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Presenting on planning and zoning issues.
  • Supporting our community’s concerns at City Hall.
  • Working with other communities on shared issues.
  • Keeping you informed through a website, Twitter @ChamplainPark and delivery of the Champlain Speaker newsletter.

Membership also allows you to vote for CPCA representatives at the Annual General Meeting.

Ideas or questions? We encourage residents to attend the AGM (late Fall date) or write to the webmaster to connect with the appropriate person.

So, how do I join?

  1. You can e-transfer the $20 annual fee to: with the contact name Champlain Park Community Association. Be sure to include your street address in the Message area to help us keep track of payments.
  2. In addition, use this QR to provide contact information for each person in your household joining the CPCA.
    [QR Code for Membership Application Form]
    (Note: if there are two or more voting members at your address, fill out contact information for each, but we only request one e-transfer of $20 for your address.)  Alternatively, click on this link to provide contact information.
  3. If you need help becoming a member, please contact the Membership Coordinator at and put Membership in the subject line.

To keep track of the latest news, join the email list by using the subscribe button at
And, finally, there is also third-party Facebook group at

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