Pollinator Patch Program

Help save the monarchs, bees, and other pollinators with these free resources

There’s been a significant decline in pollinators in the last 20 years. Without these important pollinators, life as we know it will change. But YOU can help by planting native plants on your property, and there’s a local Ottawa community group that can help you make that happen.

Not sure where to start? New to gardening? Our friends at Eco West Enders have got you covered. Anyone participating in their Pollinator Patch Program will receive FREE information on everything from how to set up your new garden, to where to source your native plants, as well as gaining online support through a private Facebook group and direct email to the Eco West Enders team.

They’ll also be selling native plants for $1 each on June 18th at the Stittsville Market At the Barn event.

Please join your 175K neighbours as we encourage them to naturalize their outdoor space to build a greener and more resilient future. We can do great things together!

For more information and to register to participate, visit ecowestenders.ca.

[Eco West Enders Pollinator Logo]

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