Forest “Meditating Man”

How to put it politely? This started on May 17 at 5pm when a man claiming to be meditating (with his pants down) in the NCC forest startled a passerby (walking their dog, which spotted the man). He (assuming it is the same guy) seems to be a bit love-lorn, distressed, and is also leaving notes around the forest.

Neighbourhood Watch and the police have been alerted. The police do not recommend engaging him. If you feel threatened or he is doing something illegal ie. masturbating in public or some other form of public indecency definitely call 911. Otherwise if you just spot him, email the Constable ( and call 613-236-1222 Ext 7502. That’s the Ottawa police non emergency line. Don’t forget to quote the Occurrence number 23-155985 so it all gets filed together (if you have first hand sightings please inform the police so they can add it to the evidence collection).

For more details and photos of some of the notes, see the neighbourhood Facebook group.

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