2023 Champlain Park Chess Tournament

Join the 3rd annual tournament of the Champlain Park Chess League for the Spring/summer 2023. A ladder format will be used, so sign up, then challenge a neighbour to a game of online chess (many online sites exist) and move up the ladder ranking. Top four players will then play off at the end of summer to crown the champion. Congrats to Vitaly who won last year!

To sign up, email Nick at chparkevents@yahoo.com


  • To move up the ladder you can challenge any player above you or anyone anywhere below you. If you win you switch ranks with them on the ladder.
  • To challenge someone, send them an email and choose your chess online website to play (i.e. chess.com). You can choose to play with time limits or not or any other format agreed upon by both players. If there is no agreement then the higher ranked player chooses the format. If the opposing player does not play their turn within 5 days then they default the game (unless both sides agreed to take a break or allow longer).
  • If someone is not playing anyone and turns down 3 challenges in a row then they automatically go to the bottom of the ladder.
  • Top four ranked players in the ladder who have played at least 5 games on Oct 1 will play a tournament. Format will be #1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3 – in a one-game winner goes to final format. Final 2 winners play each other in a best of 3 final tournament (first one who wins 2 games). The winner of the best of 3 final is crowned the Champlain Park Chess Champion of 2023!