Vehicle Theft on Carleton

Neighbourhood Watch Update – Vehicle Theft on Carleton Ave

“Dude, Where’s My Car?!”, became more than just a ‘90s movie title in Champlain Park recently. On March 29 a Toyota Highlander was stolen from a driveway on Carleton Ave. Video footage of the incident was captured, and has been provided to the police. If you see a crime in progress, please call the police immediately from a safe location.

Here are some suggestions to help protect your property:

  • lock your vehicle
  • secure or remove valuables from your vehicle
  • remove your garage door opener from your vehicle
  • install video surveillance equipment (be sure to check angles of visibility, motion sensing ranges, and video clarity/quality)
  • install motion sensor activated lights
  • install a vehicle immobilizer and / or car alarm
  • use a steering wheel lock
  • install visible yet discreet signage indicating your property is protected
  • be vigilant

This unfortunate event serves as a reminder for everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activity on your own property, and around the neighbourhood as well. Your Neighbourhood Watch Team asks that you report incidents to the Community Association or to the Ottawa Police Department. Incident statistics can help determine future policing services and presence in the area.

[Car theft on Carleton Avenue on 20230329]

[Car theft on Carleton Avenue on 20230329]