Rosemount Library READ Meeting – May 17

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Do you love your local library – Rosemount? Have ideas on how it can be even better?

READ is looking for you! We’re having a brainstorming and next steps meeting the evening of Wednesday May 17th. We would love to have more Rosemount library users join us in the discussion and also consider joining the READ working group. RSVP here if you want to attend OR learn more. Bring your ideas and enthusiasm for our local branch!

Background: READ (Rosemount Expansion & Development group) is a working group which formed almost 10 years ago to advocate for an expanded and renewed Rosemount library branch. We have been quiet the past four years during Rosemount’s renovation and during the most challenging years of the pandemic. However, now that our new head librarian has started in her position and programming is coming back online (some programs have yet to return ‘post-pandemic’), we are looking at ways to support Rosemount and help make it even better as a strong local library branch.
[Pair of bookend shelves poster for Love your local Rosemount Library!]

2 thoughts on “Rosemount Library READ Meeting – May 17

  1. Hello,

    At the Rosemount Library, there used to be an area to buy books. I would enjoy having that again. It would also be nice to be able to buy cds and dvds. This is available at other libraries, but I don’t frequent those libraries.


    Karen 🙂

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