Many Thanks to Volunteers at CPCA Winter Carnival 2023!!

Thank you to a huge team of residents who volunteered to put on a very successful party at Champlain Park Saturday afternoon, January 21, 2023!! For those who were not able to make it on Saturday, it was an incredible post pandemic quarantine event, extremely well attended, and really highlighted the joys of being part of this community in winter: City park with outdoor skating rink, field house and NCC Kichi Sibi Winter ski trail, all located on our doorstep. We welcomed visits from our elected representatives: Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, Councillor Jeff Leiper, and MPP Joel Harden along with Constable Darren Joseph, our community police officer.

Congratulations and special thanks from the Champlain Park Community to the following enthusiastic volunteers who made it a memorable fun event:

  • Erin Topping and Kelly Archer were the awesome organizers of volunteers, activities, ticket sales, lunch counter at Winter Carnival 2023.
  • Wellington West Business Improvement Area sponsored the sleigh ride by providers, Chris and Sharon Kelly.
  • CPCA Board members Nick Xenos, Lynne Bankier, and Liz Gyaloky coordinated insurance coverage and park permits.
  • CPCA Board member Kris Phillips organized the presentation of Champlain Park Community’s $500 donation to Kichi Sibi Winter Trail Groomer Dave Adams by CPCA Treasurer Dave Harding. The display of new grooming equipment and information booth at entrance to ski trail was an exciting new attraction.
  • Paul O’Blenes, outdoor rink manager, had the ice in great shape. Aimee Ferron extended the supervision hours of change rooms for the event.
  • Bridgehead supplied free coffee and hot chocolate.
  • Linda Landreville, Katie and Olivia Bolger and Connor Bryant served food and drinks.
  • Derek McKinley (Sing Song Party Time) provided musical entertainment for families.
  • Neighbours donated chilis and baked goods for the lunch counter and pitched in to help clean up.

[Sleigh Ride at 2023 Winter Carnival]
Sleigh with Winter Carnival 2023 visitors on the former Pontiac Street Christmas Tree crossing. Photo by AGMS.

[Winter Carnival 2023 Volunteers]
Winter Carnival Volunteers: Linda Landreville,Connor Bryant, Erin Topping, Katie Bolger, Olivia Bolger, Kelly Archer. Photo by J. Arnason.

[CPCA cheque donation to Kichi Sibi Winter Trail at 2023 Winter Carnival]
Presentation of CPCA $500 Donation to Kichi Sibi Winter Trail Groomer Dave Adams by Board Treasurer Dave Harding. Photo by J. Arnason.
[Chili Contest Judges]
Celebrity Chili Contest Judges: Councillor Jeff Leiper, Cst. Darren Joseph, and MPP Joel Harden. Photo by J. Arnason.
[MPP and Mayor and Dave Adams at KSWT Exhibit 2023 Winter Carnival]
MPP Joel Harden and Ottawa mayor Mark Sutcliffe in conversation at the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail Exhibit at the 2023 Winter Carnival, Dave Adams of trail fame on the right. Photo by AGMS.