AGM Election of Officers and Call for Volunteers

The Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) annual general meeting is coming soon (Nov. 30, 2022). You can ask to be nominated for any of the listed board positions. Click the position name on the chart and a description will pop up.

Names of current nominees are listed. Most of these are current Board members who are willing to stay on. We have no nominations for the following positions: Vice Chair, Membership, one of the Member at Large positions. However, all positions are open to further nominations and we welcome new members.

If you are interested in standing as a nominee for a CPCA Board position, please send an email to:

You may also wish to volunteer for one of our sub-committees. These are not elected positions. Contact the committee coordinator for more information.

Current Nominees

Executive Officers

Co-Chair Co-Chair 1
Co-Chair Heather Pearl
Vice-chair Vacant
Secretary Liz Gyalokay
Treasurer Dave Harding

Board Members

Most of the following positions are Committee Coordinators:

FCA Representative Richard Lochead
Communications Carol Arnason
Environment Kris Phillips
Fieldhouse Laurie Fagan
Membership Vacant
Planning and Zoning Heather Pearl
Social Convenor Nick Xenos
Member at Large Michael Cheng
Member at Large Josh Bizjak
Member at Large Jennie Hornosty
Member at Large Vacant

Detailed Descriptions of Positions with No Current Nominees

Member at Large:
May be of interest to newcomers to the Board. This allows people to be on the board without a specific “portfolio”, to contribute in a variety of ways as per your interests, and to orient yourself to the activities of the Board. This can also be a stepping stone towards another “specialized” position.

Membership Coordinator:
Coordinate the door to door canvas, update the membership list, communicate with the Treasurer regarding deposit of funds collected at the door and amounts collected via e-transfer.

Vice Chair:
Will have all powers and responsibilities of a Co-Chair or President in their absence or inability to act. May be a stepping stone to the Co-Chair or President position. Previous Board and/or leadership experience would be beneficial. Legal training, work with insurance or contracts are not required, but would be welcome and helpful contributions to the operations of the Board.