Hidden Harvest Fruit Drive

Do you have a Hidden Harvest to share?

Harvest season for grapes, apples and pears is right around the corner and Hidden Harvest Ottawa is always looking for people interested in sharing their bounty or time. If you have a tree with fruit to share, neighbourhood leaders will organize volunteers to come and pick the fruit to share with you, the volunteers and a local food agency like Parkdale Food Centre. Good quality fruit is always in high demand.

As well, volunteers are always needed to pick the fruit, and especially to become neighbourhood leaders who can organize harvests. A great way to put your fruit and talents to good use!

You can register your tree, sign up to be a volunteer, or donate at https://ottawa.hiddenharvest.ca/. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your local neighbourhood leader Brian Innes at innes.bri@gmail.com.

[A couple of people proudly displaying several cardboard boxes of apples with an apple tree and ladder in the distant background and a Hidden Harvest logo plaque lying on the apples]