Patricia Oak Celebration – June 14

Celebration of life

Patricia Avenue neighbours invite one and all to gather opposite 203 Patricia Avenue to celebrate the life of an old-growth burr oak on the street. It is known as “The Party Tree” because for years the shade of the tree hosted the Patricia Avenue Labour Day street party.

The tree is being removed by Forestry Services on Wednesday, June 15 because it was irreparably damaged by the recent fierce storm (derecho).

Drop by tomorrow (Tuesday, June 14) between 7 and 8 pm, to share stories with neighbours about this and other significant trees. The Patricia Bur Oak is one of only a handful of pre-confederation trees in the neighbourhood, linked genetically to the ancient oak forest that developed along this stretch of the Ottawa River some 9,000 years ago (for details on the history, see and in particular

[Giant Bur Oak on Patricia]

2 thoughts on “Patricia Oak Celebration – June 14

  1. If the damage is irreparable, I can understand cutting the oak down, but so many trees are being removed that are perfectly fine….´just check the stump after removal. I am not enamoured of this particular city department.

  2. You should come over and see for yourself. The vertical split is quite dramatic; the cables snapped in the recent storm. We are fortunate that it didn’t result in a catastrophic collapse.

    We will mourn it’s lost but grateful for what it has provided us

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