Spongy Moth Burlap Kits Available

The Trees Need Your Help

The Spongy moth (Lymantria dispar dispar), formerly known as the Gypsy Moth, is a non-native and invasive insect in Ontario that defoliates forests. Last summer the moth population surged, causing widespread damage. It is back, and doing harm to trees in Champlain Park, including the heritage bur oaks.

The City has provided the community environment team with burlap, string and instructions for how you can protect trees on your property and in our public spaces such as the Park. Please contact Daniel Buckles if you want to protect a tree, and make arrangements to pick up the materials. You can also remove the insects on small trees by hand (protect yourself with gloves). For details on installing the burlap see the City website on Spongy Moth.

For burlap kits, contact: dbuckles@sas2.net (613-807-8048).

The insect looks like this in June through August.

[Spongy moth, or Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD), is an insect formerly known as “Gypsy Moth”. It feeds on the foliage of trees during the caterpillar phase of its lifecycle.]