Ottawa Police encourages downloading What3Words app

Ottawa Police is using What3Words app to help locate missing persons

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is pleased to announce that its Communications Centre is using the What3Words app to help in locating missing persons. 

“Every year the Ottawa Police responds to roughly 2,000 calls for missing persons,” said Inspector Russell Lucas. “This will give us a vital boost in locating people more quickly.” 

Developers of the app have mapped the world into 3-metre wide sections, giving each section a unique three-word identifier with an associated precise GPS location. These unique three words will help first responders locate missing persons more readily, rather than having to rely on the GPS from a person’s cellphone, which can often give a wider search area based on a ping to a nearby cellphone tower. 

Additionally, the app can be used without cellphone service if a user has already downloaded the app to their phone, which will help first responders locate them faster, even without data or an internet connection. You can download the app for free on either Android or iOS

“I want to encourage everyone to download this app, it can provide first responders vital information to reach you during an emergency,” said Insp. Lucas. “Our Police Communicators will be able to get your location information, even if you aren’t sure where you are, and relay that to responding officers.”  For more information about What3Words, please visit their website at:

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  1. Excellent! Downloaded, done. Who knows, at age 90 I may be happy to have it one day. ?? G.S.

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