Garage Sale – June 4

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Kitchissippi Community-wide Garage Sale on Saturday June 4 2022

Start getting those treasures ready!

The annual community-wide garage sale is just around the corner, which is exactly where you hope all those treasures will end up!

The sale generally begins at 8 a.m. and usually winds up about 1 p.m.

Rain date is Sunday June 5.

Residents of other community associations in Kitchissippi Ward will be holding their sale on the same day.

[Poster for the Garage Sale]

Please also considered donating a portion of your proceeds to the charity of your choice.

Leftover treasures

Should you have any leftover gems, keep in mind that the following weekend is not Ottawa’s Spring Give Away Weekend (the city has discontinued it). Though you may still put things out on the afternoon of the sale and mark them as Free, or use one of the matchmaking services to find someone who wants your items.