Blood Moon Viewing – May 15

Blood Moon Viewing

  • At Champlain Park (NCC woods end, former Pontiac Street)
  • Sunday, May 15 (10pm – midnight, weather permitting) to view the total lunar eclipse.

This is a free event. You do not need to bring anything but your curiosity, and perhaps a folding chair. You are of course welcome to bring a telescope or binoculars and snacks. Don Monet will set up his 8 inch Ritchy-Cretien telescope which will be open to all on site. The actual eclipse is total by 11:30 it lasts this way until 1 am. This is the longest total lunar eclipse that Canadians have been able to see in 15 years. Astronomers call it the Blood Moon because when it is eclipsed by our earth shadow it is still visible, but turns a darkish red colour, due to the many sunsets surrounding the earth that collectively shine their colour on the eclipsed moon. Hope to see you there!

[Blood Moon 2021 Painting by Don Monet]

Don Monet
Cowley Ave.