Occupation and Hintonburg

From the Hintonburg Community Association via Jeff Leiper’s newsletter #297:

In the last week we have heard some very troubling reports of residents in Hintonburg being harassed on the street and feeling unsafe. We were made aware of incidents Thursday & Friday at our primary schools.

Since Tuesday the Hintonburg Community Association has started some evening walks in the community and Friday we had a presence near each of our primary schools. We are providing extra eyes on the street and a quiet presence on the street at certain times of the day with our Walks for Safety.

If you have some time to help for an hour or so over the next few weeks, we would appreciate your help. Please contact the HCA at info@hintonburg.com.

If you witness or are aware of any illegal activity being committed by convoy participants or organizers, please report them to the following: Police 613-236-1222, x7502 (dispatch); x5015 (Hate crime hotline); x7300 (file a report); ottawapolice.ca. Call 311 for any by-law issues.