Neighbours for Tunney’s Winter Trail Questionaire

The Neighbours for Tunney’s group ( have posted their own news about the Scott Street connection (our article) to the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail. Of note is a short survey (do you like it, keep it?) at the end:

Greetings Neighbours for Tunney’s e-list,

–and welcome to 2022! It’s cold and snowy out there and we want to share news about the new winter trail connection through Tunney’s Pasture–submit your feedback! We’d also like to highlight the City’s Transportation Master Plan and opportunities to engage.

Now Open: The team heading up the Kìchì Sìbì Winter Trail (formerly the SJAM Winter Trail) has announced the opening of its new Scott St Connector at Tunney’s Pasture!

This newest groomed addition to the winter trail network is located along the tree-lined western edge of the Tunney’s Pasture site–establishing a new formal trailhead near Scott St. & Sir Frederick Banting Driveway. *See map image attached. This provides much improved Ottawa River trail connectivity for the Wellington Village neighbourhood to the south of Scott St., as well as to the Tunney’s Pasture LRT station and the southern end of the Champlain Park community.

The Neighbours for Tunney’s group finds this to be an inspiring example of cooperation between many different players and stakeholders including: Tunney’s Pasture site maintenance; our local Member of Parliament (Yasir Naqvi); our Member of Provincial Parliament (Joel Harden); and our City Councillor (Jeff Leiper); as well as neighbours living along this new route. We hope that this is a sign of things to come as we continue to encourage broad-ranging partnerships and community involvement in the redevelopment of Tunney’s Pasture as a vibrant, connected and sustainable new community for all to enjoy.

Thoughts on the new Kichi Sibi Winter Trail Connector at Tunney’s Pasture?

Take this informal 3-Question survey
*Feedback is anonymous but will be shared with residents and Ward representatives

On a related note, Neighbours for Tunney’s encourages residents to participate in the City of Ottawa’s (Draft) Transportation Master Plan engagements. […]

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  1. I am a skier and in favour. However, it looks difficult to maintain and therefore maybe not worth the effort based on the amount of traffic that will use it. Time will tell.

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