Pedestrian Crossing Nearing Completion at Island Park & Clearview

On Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 9:56 AM ROLAND DORSAY wrote:


The IPD-Clearview crosswalk is up and running. Great to see cars stopping for kids crossing IPD to get to school this morning.

Many thanks to Geoff/Tom, City staff, the NCC and many others who helped make it happen, including Sam Mizrahi who agreed to pay for it all.


[Island Park and Clearview crossing with new giant light poles with flashers at mid-height]

2 thoughts on “Pedestrian Crossing Nearing Completion at Island Park & Clearview

  1. I think this should come with a warning to continue to exercise caution when crossing. There is still no crosswalk and drivers are not aware it’s there so may not be paying attention.


    1. Hopefully crosswalk paint and signs will be coming soon. There’s also one new streetlight at the top of one of the poles, and the other one is right next to an existing streetlight. I wonder if those solar panels are run by the streetlight above 🙂

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