Clearview and Island Park Drive Traffic Light News Update

Traffic cones and other orange coloured things (not pumpkins!) are going up around the Island Park Drive and Clearview Avenue intersection. Could it be that the traffic light is being installed? Here’s the view from this morning, with some more traffic control equipment trucks arriving moments later, perhaps to add more traffic detour barrels.

[Intersection with orange poles separating sidewalk from road and some traffic barrels on the road and some detour signs]

2 thoughts on “Clearview and Island Park Drive Traffic Light News Update

  1. Is there a traffic light going in there? I thought it was just a proper pedestrian crossing, to mitigate the dangers of pedes crossing the street there.

    BTW – thanks for your work on this neighbourhood news letter. It’s very well done – and much appreciated.

  2. You are correct, Jeff Leiper has always said pedestrian crossing. We’ll know for sure what it looks like when construction is finished – is it an Iona and Island Park Drive half traffic light or a regular pedestrian crossing?

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