Curbside Garbage Collection Options

Subject: Curbside Garbage Collection Options – Public Engagement
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2021 22:39:43 -0400
From: Heather Pearl <>

The City is asking for your views on several options being considered for curbside garbage collection. To find out more and to provide feedback, go to the Engage Ottawa website at where you can:

  • Respond to a survey (until September 12);
  • Post comments or questions to the website to obtain a public response; and/or,
  • Sign up to participate in one of several workshops over the coming weeks.

Thanks, Heather

2 thoughts on “Curbside Garbage Collection Options

  1. Are bottles and cans and paper and plastics really recycled. I don’t think so, and wonder why I do all this work of washing and stripping paper off of jars and cans. What is and not recycled. It is confusing and a lot of work, probably all for nothing

  2. The metals like cans are definitely recycled. Paper can make a few cycles, ending up as cardboard. Interestingly, the paper stream is more junk mail and less newspapers now, so recyclers have had to adjust. Plastic not so much, maybe one or two cycles before it is useless.

    Have a look at a book titled “Junkyard Planet” (the library has it) which covers the industry from a junkyard owner’s son turned journalist’s point of view. There’s quite the economic pull to recycle garbage where there’s stuff of value in it (almost free shipping to China on the cargo containers otherwise returning empty).

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