Break Ins / Trespasses in the Neighbourhood

These events occurred during the week of 5 July 2021 and involved one or more industrious and sneaky souls quietly prying off the cross board on the outside of the fence, then pushing that section of the fence inward to gain access to the property. This section of fence was shielded from the view of the residence by a shed that is found on the property near the interior of the fence line.

Furthermore it appeared that after gaining access to the property the person(s) in question hid behind the shed waiting for an opportune time to do something further. Thankfully, nothing else happened as the property does have security lighting, cameras, and a nighthawk of an owner, but it highlights the lengths to which some criminals may go to to break into a property, or to surveil it for later activity.

A separate ‘break and enter’ event also recently occurred at another nearby property where a car was broken into to gain access to a garage door opener; a bicycle was subsequently stolen from the garage on the property.

It is important to file a police report when something of this nature occurs. Doing so will help Ottawa Police Services and the community identify crime trends or problem areas that may require some added attention.

In your travels, please remind your neighbours to be vigilant about their fence lines/back gates/etc (where applicable), particularly where the properties back onto wooded areas, parks, etc., and where they may have other structures/items shielding their view of the inside of their fences.

Report suspicious activities and individuals to the appropriate authorities. Together we can continue keep our community family friendly and safe.

[Wooden fence with bottom half off the nails]