Goldenrod Community Garden at Tunney’s Pasture

From: Mimi Golding <>
Date: March 24, 2021 at 9:14:38 AM EDT
Subject: Goldenrod Community Garden – Gardens for Good Grant : Can you help bump our message?

Good morning,

My name is Mimi Golding. I am a volunteer with the Goldenrod Community Garden. It is a new community garden slated to be built on NCC lands just north of Tunney’s Pasture (off Goldenrod Driveway and Parkdale Avenue).

The Goldenrod Community Garden has applied for a Gardens for Good Grant. We need your help and support to help us bump our messaging for voting for this grant. We are hoping you can add our message request to your communication channels.

The voting period is from March 24 1:00PM ET – April 7 1:00PM ET. Grants will be chosen based on votes and assessment.

The public can vote for their favorite Entry by logging onto During the Public Voting Period, entry information will appear. There is a limit of one vote per entry.

Voting is open to anyone over 18 and a resident of one of 49 US or DC (excluding residents of AZ) and Canada (excluding residents of Quebec), so share this message with your friends and contacts across Canada and the US.

To make it easy, here is a message you can share:

Support the Goldenrod Community Garden ( The Garden needs money to get built and run and has applied for a Gardens for Good Grant. Please support our entry by navigating to and vote for the Goldenrod Community Garden. If you are over 18 and live in the US (except AZ) or Canada (except Quebec) you can vote!

Thank you for considering this request.

Mimi Golding
Goldenrod Community Garden