Trailhead Snow Sculptures

Mysterious Trailhead snow sculptures momentarily appear in the Champlain Park!

Photo: 1 Mysterious Trailheads snow sculptures momentarily appear in the Champlain Park with spring is in the air! Created by Maggie Glossop and team – Susan Jolliffe and Sarah Green

We would like to give a big thank you to Maggie Glossop and her volunteers for creating and maintaining the snow sculptures within the NCC woodlands.

Her really cute snow Bears in the Kitchissippi Woods have been a huge family favourite. Travellers who just happen to spot them by chance while out on the SJAM trails going thru the Woods trails are pleasantly surprised to see them.

Her most recent addition of Trailhead snow sculptures located in the flower planters in the Champlain Park have also brought a smile to passersby. These were built to celebrate another successful season of the SJAM Winter Trail and the efforts of the volunteers.

Photo: 2 The SJAM Groomers and Champlain Park Trailheads team (Left-Right: Long Truong, Peter Edmison, Adrian Bradley, Kris Phillips, Dave Adams) Standing next to the Trailhead snow sculptures in the Champlain Park.

Many thanks goes out to Dave Adams (Groomer Dave), Peter Edmison and other SJAM team members for doing such a great job, especially this year with all the new trails and keeping them in such good condition. Thanks to the Champlain Park Trail Head team for all their support and hardwork out on the trails.

We have been lucky with the weather conditions this year, experiencing some really glorious sunny days with clear blue sky and reasonable tempatures.

Especially this year, we are truly grateful to have this fanastic outdoor Winter Trail network right on our doorstep, allowing everybody to go outside and experience nature, get exercise and fresh air – it has been a huge success with so many people using it.

Photo: 3 The Champlain Park Trailheads team posing next to Trailhead snow sculptures created by Maggie Glossop and team – Susan Jolliffe and Sarah Green

The Champlain Park Trailheads team consists of community volunteers, who take care maintaining the pathways and trails within the Champlain and Remic Woods throughout the year. The team works in partnership with the National Capital Commission (NCC) and CPCA Enviro Committee and the SJAM Winter Trail team.

During the winter months they work closely with the SJAM Trail Groomers, helping to maintain the winter trails, moving snow under bridges along the SJAM Parkway, building up snow where require on the trails, and making snow berms.

During the rest of the year, they are out working on keeping the pathways and trails safe from unsafe obstacles, removing dead trees and branches, trimming branches, spreading woods chips, smoothing and grading paths, and removing invasive species.

If you would be interested in volunteering and joining the Champlain Park Trailhead team please don’t hesitate to contact Adrian Bradley, you would be more than welcomed.

Send email to Champlain Parks mailbox: – subject: Trailheads