Objections to New Embassy Row + February 10 Webinar

Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2021 08:38:55 -0500
From: DANIEL BUCKLES <dbuckles@sas2.net>
Subject: Solidarity with Mechanicsville Community Association

[…] The affected lands are very close to us so is relevant to our neighbourhood as well, and likely to become even more relevant over time. […]

Please write to the NCC CEO Tobi Nussbaum (c/o assistant Sarah.Skrzek@ncc-ccn.ca) to indicate your solidarity with a call by the Mechanicsville Community Association and Big Trees of Kitchissippi to withdraw its plan to build diplomatic offices and parking lots on prime greenspace along the Ottawa River. Consider participating as well in an online forum on the development hosted by Councillor Leiper.

Here is a link to the joint press release issued by Mechanicsville CA and BIG TREES on Sunday.

BACKGROUND: Here’s a brief description of the embassy site project


Here is an opinion piece on the project

Jeff Leiper is hosting an online webinar/forum on Weds. Feb. 10 to raise questions about whether city of Ottawa should allow the NCC an official plan amendment and a rezoning of the land to build “embassy row.” https://kitchissippiward.ca/content/1-and-19-sir-john-macdonald-parkway-official-plan-amendment-and-zoning-law-amendment-open

Here is the City of Ottawa site where the NCC proposal and supporting documents appear
https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/__BIZUT4/details To see the supporting documents, scroll down the left side of the page.

You can show your support for an alternative vision of this important greenspace:

  • Open woodland offering peace and quiet to nearby residents in a neighbourhood rapidly transforming into a high density hot spot.
  • Habitat for rare Great Horned Owl and Peregrine Falcons, along with more than 100 other bird species on this internationally recognized bird migratory route.
  • Pressing need to invest in housing options by making effective and rapid use of federal lands at neighbouring Tunney’s Pasture, rather than building unnecessary, ostentatious high security buildings for elite offices and parking.
  • Avoid excavation of toxic soils a stone’s throw from Ottawa’s main source of drinking water (Lemieux Island) by leaving the land as public greenspace.

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  1. Why does the NCC feel it is their responsibility to facilitate housing and office space for foreign legations? Surely they are grown-up countries who can find their own accommodations. How about in many of those soon-to-be empty office towers downtown?

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