Launching the Goldenrod Community Garden

Call for volunteers for a Community Garden approved for NCC land, west of the Parkdale off-ramp.

Dear Community Garden supporters,

The Goldenrod Community Garden has recently received approval to build a garden on a parcel of NCC land between Goldenrod Drive in the Tunney’s Pasture Complex and the SJAM Parkway. The garden location is just west of the Parkdale off-ramp of the SJAM Parkway.

We received approval and funding from the Ottawa Community Garden Network (a City of Ottawa agent) to purchase materials to build the garden infrastructure including: fencing, a storage shed and raised beds. We anticipate that we will start building as soon as the snow melts in the spring of 2021, approximately mid-April.

We are looking for members of the Hintonburg, Mechanicsville, Champlain Park and Westboro communities who are interested in participating in building the Goldenrod Community Garden in a number of roles. Please read the roles below and send an email with your name, availability and role to:

Volunteers are not guaranteed a plot at this time, however, they will be placed on a Garden Membership list once they have completed 15hrs of volunteering. The Goldenrod Community Garden committee will allocate plots both on a first come first serve basis from the list of people who have completed their volunteer hours, as well as a needs basis in collaboration with our partners at Somerset West Community Health Center and Parkdale Food Center.

Garden project volunteers are required for the following roles:

Volunteers to build the garden

  • We are looking for members of the community to help build the garden infrastructure such as fencing, raised beds, storage shed etc. You don’t have to want to garden or be a master builder to help build the garden. We welcome all interested and able volunteers with a variety of skill levels.
  • Easy to follow instructions will be provided as well as supervision by a member of the Garden Build Committee.
  • For safety reasons all volunteers must be 16 or older to participate.

Members of the Garden Build Committee

Under the oversight of the Board of Directors the Garden Build Committee members will be responsible for the following:

  • Using the approved garden master plan and the allocated budget to determine the schedule and delivery timelines for ordering the material required
  • Refine the project plan with the timelines determined above
  • Provide a copy of the updated Project Plan to the Board of Directors and Just Food
  • Provide detailed, easy to follow, instructions for volunteers to ensure ease of build, and ensure that COVID-19 distancing and numbers rules can be followed throughout the build.
  • Stake the site so that the location of beds, shed, and water tanks is apparent.
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to plan volunteer teams to assist with the build
  • Have at least one member of the committee present at all build days to help ensure COVID-19 rules are being followed, and provide direction and advice to volunteers.
  • Submit all receipts / invoices promptly to the Treasurer / Bookkeeper
  • Provide a sign-in / sign-out sheet for volunteers for COVID tracking purposes and to confirm when volunteers have completed their hours required for plot allocation. These sheets should be submitted to the Registrar for tracking of volunteer hours. tracking purposes.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Establish the updated volunteer list with contact information and availability
  • Responsible for contacting and organizing interested members from the volunteer list, ensuring that they understand the time and date of the activity they are volunteering for, such as garden building and any rules and restrictions related to COVID.
  • Number of people on-site may be limited due to COVID-19 so the dates and times of volunteer commitments will be very important to ensure we follow the guidelines established for the safety of all members

Interim Board Members

We are also looking for community members who are interested in participating as members of the Interim Board of Directors. We currently have an immediate need for a Communications Manager, Webmaster, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board meets every 2-3 weeks via Zoom to discuss and organize the activities in anticipation of building and establishing the garden for the spring of 2021.

The Goldenrod Community Garden is currently managed by an interim Board of Directors and an inaugural Board will be elected at the Annual General Meeting tentatively scheduled to be held via Zoom once the garden is built and membership is established.

If you know of others who are interested in community gardens we would love their support so please spread this message widely.