Holiday Charity Virtual Auction

Due to the pandemic, we’re having a holiday charity auction, and an upcoming best decorated house contest. Unfortunately the sleigh ride and winter carnival had to be cancelled, but we still have hopes for the rink.

[Poster about the Auction]

Donate and/or bid on items to raise $$ for the Parkdale Food Bank

Makes a great Holiday gift!

You can 1) donate a good or service before the 5th of December and/or 2) put in a bid for a good/service up to Dec 15 – all funds will go to the Parkdale Food Centre.

Send a short description and a picture of your donation to

You can donate anything: goods (ex: crafts/art/baked goods) or services (ex: a virtual workshop/shovelling someone’s walk/etc…), then go onto the website and put in a bid on any donated items. If your bid is the highest on December 15th, you donate that amount online to the Parkdale Food Centre and we’ll arrange a contactless drop off.

For the auction see:

[Poster about the Auction]

Faites un don et/ou une offre pour lever des fonds pour la Banque alimentaire Parkdale

Vous pouvez: 1) faire don d’objet ou de services avant le 5 Décembre et/ou 2) mettre une offre pour acheter un object/service jusqu’au 15 décembre- tout les revenues seront versés au Parkdale Food Centre.

Un excellent cadeau pour les fêtes!

Envoyez une photo et une courte description de votre don à

Vous pouvez faire don d’objets (bricolages/tableaux/patisseries faites maison)ou de services(cours en ligne/déneiger l’entrée de la maison d’un voisin). Ensuite, rendez-vous sur le site web pour mettre une offre. Si vous avez soumi la meilleure offre d’ici le 15 déc. vous faites ce don au Parkdale Food Centre et nous organiserons la livraison sans contact.

Pour l’encan visitez le

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  1. Awesome thx! Small suggestion, can we move the CPCA/COVID operations box that is at the top, a bit lower down?  It’s static info so most people have probably seen it by now and it is a bit of a downer – I suggest putting the latest event or exciting thing first to keep things fresh and putting the box a little lower on the website. Just an idea, no worries if not – i can raise it at the exec meeting as well as others may want to ensure it stays at the top. Thx again for all your help. -nk Nick Xenos

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