Pollinator Garden Update

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:46:11 -0400
From: Daniel Buckles <dbuckles@sas2.net>

[The new pollinator garden at Carleton Avenue and the people behind it]

Thanks! Many neighbours brought leaves to the new pollinator garden, which now has all we need there. The leaves will protect the soil from the coming rains, harbour diverse insects and perhaps some field mice over winter and enrich the soil when more flowering Native plants are added next spring (contact Catherine Shearer and John Arnason, our resident plant specialists, if you have native species to offer: metshag@gmail.com).

More Clean leaves are welcome at our other sites, the Pontiac entrance to the woods across from the school yard and the entrance to the woods on Patricia near Clearview. Leave bags there.

Thanks too to those that brought large stones to the site, which are used to shore up the earth mounds. Thanks to Kris Phillips especially for his initiative and hard work. More stones are still welcome.

The garden will be magnificent.

Daniel Buckles, co-chair
Environment committee, CPCA

2 thoughts on “Pollinator Garden Update

  1. Hi Daniel, I read how you were looking for leaves for the gardens and so our grades 4,5,and 6 students worked hard to rake up leaves on the school property to drop off at the entrance. I am hoping that you received them. Thanks for letting us know about this as it was a great activity for the kids to do and to give back to the community!

    Roisin Philippe Principal, St George Catholic School,
    OCSB 613 728-8291 @Rphilippe19, @StGeorgeOCSB

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