254 Carleton Zoning Hearing – July 8

The Development proposal for 254 (256) Carleton Avenue is scheduled for the virtual hearing on July 8 at 1 PM. This Hearing may be viewed online on the Committee of Adjustment YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9Z3-VJcSMSqrWRORMlRjQ

This is the link to the Agenda, including the plans: https://app05.ottawa.ca/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=8121&doctype=AGENDA

CPCA Position on the Applications for Consent and Minor Variances:

Lot Width and Area:

CPCA routinely supports the minor variances on lot width and area to build semi-detached dwellings on our most common lot size (50 X 100 ft.) (15.24 X 30.48 m.) provided the applications meet all other provisions of the Mature Neighbourhoods Overlay (Infill I) and the Alternative Provisions (Infill II).

Reduced Front Yard Set-Back from 6 m. to 4.9 m.

We understand that the minor variance request for front yard set-back is due to the dual sets of regulations in effect (6 m. set-back Exception 2159 to ZBL 2008 plus the Mature Neighbourhoods Overlay front yard averaging provision).

For this specific proposal, we accept, albeit reluctantly, the front yard setback of 4.9 metres, which is the average of the front yard set-backs of the abutting properties to the North (252 Carleton: 6.355 m.) and South (258 Carleton: 3.506 m.) of 254 Carleton. We note that the architect has provided some mitigation to this reduction from the 6 m. specified in Exception 2159:

  • The units are designed such that the northern unit at 254 Carleton has a 5.37 m. (17’ 7 ½”) setback. The southern unit at 256 Carleton has a 5.056 m. (16’7”) setback. This design feature will allow the new units to fit more sensitively into the streetscape, between the deeper setback at 252 Carleton and the shallower setback at 258 Carleton.
  • One measurement in the middle of the building is shown at 4.965 m. The architect clarified that the magnitude of the desired variance is due to one small portion of the front wall which is a little closer to the property line than the outside portions of the front walls.

We wish to note however that this does not signal a general acceptance of front yard setback reductions for new development in Champlain Park. One important goal, shared by the City and the CPCA, is to preserve as much front yard greenspace as possible in Mature Neighbourhoods.

  • Most new development has been built to the 6 m. standard, which provides some options for greenscaping and trees.
  • Carleton Avenue in particular has a very shallow City Right of Way, which makes it critical to preserve as much existing front yard greenspace as possible.

The 4.9 m. average set-back for this proposal results from an anomalous situation:

  • The dwelling at 254 Carleton was originally zoned commercial and an old-style corner store occupied the building; it was later converted to a residential dwelling. The store had no front yard, and was built very close to the street.
  • The new home at 258 Carleton was allowed a 3.506 m setback due to its location next to the former corner store (2.76 m setback).

For Further information, please contact:
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