Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2020-06-29

This week’s topics:

  • Safety tips – Children and windows and hot weather.
  • $75,000 reward offered in Ashton Dickson homicide investigation.
  • Front desk services begin reopening; records checks by appointment only.

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Subject: Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for June 29, 2020
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1.  Safety tips

The Ottawa Police has responded to four separate incidents since April 12, 2020, where a child has fallen from an open window and suffered injury.

The combination of hot weather and the pandemic has created a stronger likelihood that children are home and indoors. In homes without air conditioning there is a greater safety risk of children falling out of windows.

It is important to secure access to your windows; the following are some safety tips:

  • Lock your window closed at all times when you cannot supervise a small child around this falling hazard
  • Install window guards
  • Put up window stoppers
  • Move furniture away from windows (there are more accidents when furniture is near a window).
  • Remove the cranks from crank-open windows to keep kids from opening them.

More tips and examples of how to keep your children safe around windows can be found online.

Here is Ottawa Public Health’s advice for staying cool during a heat wave:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Cool off in the shade or at a park or greenspace or an air conditioned space. City splash pads are now open and beaches open June 27. Some apartment buildings have air-conditioned lounges
  • Take cool baths and showers as often as needed. Use a fan and mist your skin with water
  • Keep your home cool by closing blinds and curtains on any windows facing the sun
  • Stay connected with people in your community who have a difficult time coping with hot weather and those who live alone. Check on them regularly.
  • Visit the Parenting in Ottawa website for more info on keeping children safe during hot weather

2.  $75,000 reward offered in Ashton Dickson homicide investigation

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is offering a reward of up to $75,000 for information leading to the arrest of Ashton Dickson’s killer. Today marks the third anniversary of his murder and the OPS Homicide Unit has also released security video taken on the night of Ashton’s shooting and is urging witnesses to come forward.

“This is an active investigation and our detectives have pursued multiple leads over the last three years. We know that there are several people who were there and witnessed this murder but have not spoken to police. They have important information that could help solve this case,” said Staff Sgt. Bruce Pirt. “We are asking those in the video to contact us. We need your help and we need you to come forward with the information you have.”

The video released today shows that there were multiple people who witnessed the murder and saw the killer but have not spoken to investigators.  Some of these witnesses are thought to be in the Toronto area and the United States.

Dickson’s mother, Donna Dickson, joined police in calling on witnesses to come forward.

“We the family of Ashton Dickson, are appealing for the public’s assistance in identifying any of these individuals. It has been three years since Ashton was taken from us. While everyone else continue with their lives, our family continues to mourn his death. There is still a killer walking the streets that needs to be brought to justice. He was only 25 years old and he left behind a daughter that he will never get to meet. If you were at Mingle Room on June 26, 2017 or you have any information, please come forward and contact the Ottawa Police. We need your help.”

Ashton was murdered on June 26, 2017 outside a nightclub located at 470 Rideau Street. Police believe that an altercation began in the club and continued into the street. The shooter and his associates escaped on foot through the nearby parking lot of a motel across the street.

This is an active investigation and is one of several currently under review by the Homicide Unit.

Anyone with information about the identity of persons who can be seen in the video or witnesses can contact the Homicide Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5493.

Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-8477.

3.  Front desk services begin reopening; records checks by appointment only

The Ottawa Police Service is happy to announce that we will begin to reopen our buildings to the public in a staggered approach. We are still encouraging people to visit us for services available online at, such as filing a report or applying for a records check (only available at 2670 Queensview).

June 29: Front Desk Services at 211 Huntmar Drive and 3343 St. Joseph Blvd. will resume.

July 13: Front Desk Services at 474 Elgin Street will resume.

Front Desk Services:

  • Take reports on criminal acts including: mischief/damage to property, breaking and entering, and fraud;
  • Redirect reports for sexual assault and domestic abuse to a sworn officer;
  • Assist clients who are required to attend and sign in to meet conditions of release; and,
  • Take collision reports.

Please do not bring evidence or found items to our Front Desks. Instead, call us at 613-236-1222.

Reporting a collision

If you have been in a collision, call us at 613-236-1222. You will then be provided instructions on what to do next depending on your specific situation.

Public Health Precautions

To ensure the health and safety of our staff and visitors, we are asking that upon entry, visitors wear a mask, sanitize hands and practice physical distancing.

Capacity at each location will be capped. When the maximum is reached, the doors will lock. Please be patient.

We ask that you not visit us if you are sick.

*NEW* 2670 Queensview by appointment only—specific visitors ONLY at this time

Our Queensview location will remain closed until a backlog of applications is cleared.

There are many people who applied for records checks in the last several weeks that now need to visit our 2670 Queensview location for fingerprints or to provide in-person identification to complete their application already in progress.

In the coming days, our staff will reach out to those people to book an appointment. Please wait to be contacted.

Thousands of online records checks continue to be processed online.

For more information, visit us at