HNTF Update for 2020-05-11

Here are a few fact sheets from the Human Needs Task Force, created by the City of Ottawa to help with the COVID-19 emergency. This week’s update (possibly there will be an update each week, let us know in the comments if it becomes too much or is too little) has the following documents:

  1. The ‘Who to Call’ document helps residents to differentiate between 211, 311 and 911. As you will see, this document is available in several languages.
  2. The Mental Health Resources for Seniors was created by our partners at Ottawa Public Health and has been shared during outreach efforts in Ottawa Community Housing buildings across the city
  3. The Food Fact Sheet offers a list of resources to support those who are, or may know someone who is, needing to access food

[Who to Call Poster]

[Protecting Your Mental Health - Older Adults, English]
Protecting Your Mental Health – Older Adults.pdf

[Protecting Your Mental Health - Older Adults, French]
Protecting Your Mental Health – Older Adults_FR.pdf

[Food Fact Sheet First Page, English]

[Food Fact Sheet First Page, French]