CPCA Submission to the Special Meeting of Ottawa’s PLC & ARAC

The attached letter is the Champlain Park Community Association’s submission to the Special Meeting of the Planning (PLC) and Agriculture and Rural Affairs (ARAC) committees, regarding expanding the urban boundary. The letter expresses Champlain Park’s support for two strong community values: the environment and quality of urban life.

Ottawa’s Community Associations have rallied to oppose the proposed urban boundary expansion. There are compelling reasons to “hold the line”. We do not, however, advocate a continuation of the same patterns in the future as we have seen in the past, with unplanned-for over-intensification inside the urban boundary, in particular in the inner urban Wards. We believe that intensification can be effected in an environmentally sustainable way that also respects the character of existing neighbourhoods.

This letter lays the groundwork for our response to upcoming zoning studies, which could have major impacts on this community.

Note that our community will be affected no matter how Council votes on the urban boundary as intensification is a Provincially mandated requirement. It will continue in the urban area at increased rates as a result.

If you have questions regarding the submission, please contact Heather Pearl at hptek20@teksavvy.com

[First Page of the Letter]
CPCA Letter Urban Boundary Review 2020-05-06.pdf

One response to “CPCA Submission to the Special Meeting of Ottawa’s PLC & ARAC

  1. Well written. Thanks for fighting the good fight on behalf of us all.

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