Mosque Call to Prayer

From councillor Jeff Leiper’s newsletter #213 (May 1 2020):

Mosque noise exemption

As a sign of solidarity and unity, I was pleased yesterday to work with the Mayor’s office and By-law to provide a noise exemption to the Ottawa Mosque to be allowed to broadcast the evening call to prayer for up to five minutes during Ramadan (the last evening of which is May 23). I am assured that the noise level will be very reasonable and am confident this won’t be a disruption in the community. My thoughts are with those celebrating this month who can’t be with each other for iftar dinners and prayer. I’ll be stopping by the Mosque tomorrow to thank volunteers who continue to provide help to the Parkdale Food Centre.

2 thoughts on “Mosque Call to Prayer

  1. I strongly support this initiative and look forward to this opportunity to share in the spirit of Ramadan with our Muslim friends and neighbours. Ramadan Mubarak!

  2. What a nice idea to help the Muslim community with their celebrations. Thank you for supporting this.

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