Dogs MUST be on Leashes – Reminder

Reminder – Dogs MUST be on Leashes at all times.

Message from the Champlain Park Community Association

City of Ottawa bylaws and rules established by the National Capital Commission require dog owners to keep their dog on a leash at all times while in our neighbourhood. This applies to streets, to the Champlain Woods and to the Tunney’s Pasture parking lot, where dogs must also be on leashes at all times. The Park in our community is designated as a “No Dogs allowed” space, as is Remic Beach.

These provisions are mandatory (see links below), and signage is posted, to avoid any ambiguity. There are a number of reasons why leashing a dog is required except in designated off leash dog walking parks (which are currently closed to the public).

In short, safe and unimpeded access to public spaces is a public good and public health priority.

People should not have to encounter a dog off-leash when walking in the neighbourhood and they should not have to explain or justify their concern. Please respect others by walking dogs on leashes.

Municipal bylaw: The Animal Care and Control By-law (By-law No. 2003-77)

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless on private property or in an off-leash park.
  • Note that signage in Champlain Park states that dogs are not allowed at all.

NCC rules:

  • Leashed dogs and other pets are welcome on most NCC lands, including urban parks, recreational pathways, parkway corridor lands, most Gatineau Park trails and most Greenbelt trails.
  • In these areas, your pet must be restrained with a leash or harness held firmly by a person or attached securely to something the animal cannot move.

The Public Health Agency of Canada considers pets as a possible vector for COVID-19 transmission (in self-isolation context): “Avoid contact with pets if you live with other people that may also be touching the pet.”