Community Bonfire Wrap-up

We had our third and well attended Community Bonfire this past Saturday. The weather was a nice +4C and sunny – the move to later in February was a good choice.

Lots of people around on a fine warm 4C day. Photo: AGMS

First, thanks go to community event organizers Jim Cocks and Bill Baggs. They set it up and did most of the work.

Bill puts on a new tree to make some giant flames. Photo: SP Malone.

Thanks to Bushtukah for their tent and support,
Crowd admiring the giant flames. Photo: SP Malone.

Bridgehead on McRae provided coffee and supplies once again,

Coffee (from Bridgehead) and hot chocolate available. Photo: AGMS

and thanks to Councillor Jeff Leiper for the s’mores ingredients,

Marshmallows and chocolate covered cookies available. Photo: AGMS

fire permits and putting up with questions about the LRT and other issues of the day.

Jeff Leiper and ward residents chat, about LRT problems, development and the usual things. Photo: AGMS

A big thank you as well to all who brought their Christmas trees down to the park after their holiday. Some were cut into smaller pieces and burned. But we had to stop to let people toast marshmallows, so we didn’t use all of the trees. The remainder will be mulched and used in the surrounding forests.

Cut up Christmas trees ready for burning.

Looks like the effort was well worth it and tasty.

Sticks in the fire. Photo: AGMS

Toasted Marshmallows. Photo: AGMS
A partial s’more. Still tasty, but not fully melted and squished together. Photo: SP Malone.