Bike Minds (story telling) – January 29

Bike Minds – tales of the bicycle

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Picture a cyclist, and what do you see – a well-to-do downtowner riding a “fixie”, or a sporty suburbanite clad in Lycra? Look a little deeper though, and you may be surprised by what you find.

BIKE MINDS is a storytelling event where positive and inspiring bike-related stories are shared in front of a live audience from a diverse range of storytellers. Our mission is to change the way you think about people who ride bikes.

Since 2018, we’ve run nearly a dozen events in the Toronto area, where we’ve heard stories from a wide range of backgrounds, including newcomers, neighbours, civil servants, and community leaders, who’ve all had unique and powerful experiences related to cycling. Now in 2020, BIKE MINDS is officially launching in Ottawa!

Join us at the Mill St Brew Pub 555 Wellington (on the Ottawa River MUP and just a 10 minute walk from Pimisi and Lyon O-Train stations) on Wednesday January 29th for this free exciting event launch!

6:30PM – Doors open, mix & mingle (cash bar)
7:00PM – Event starts


  • Paul Galipeau: adventure cyclist, route builder, one-man hype squad
  • Christina Bouchard: explorer, designer, planner and public institution builder
  • Shawn Smith: father, transportation engineer, nature-lover
  • Cécile Lecoq: French and Canadian, transit geek, cycling advocate
  • Linda Collette: Free Spirit, Self-propelled commuter, nature lover
  • + More to be announced soon!

The bicycle supports the first steps of newcomers to the city, brings us closer to friends and family, and teaches us more about ourselves than we ever could have imagined. Whether you’re a casual rider, a passionate advocate, or simply a fan of great storytelling, we hope you’ll join us in celebration of all the bicycle has to offer, at this positive and inclusive event.

We would also appreciate if you could help us to promote this event by passing on our Eventbrite page link to your network. Free tickets will be available starting from January 8th. The event is also listed on our Facebook page.


Mark Davidson
Volunteer with Bike Minds Ottawa

BIKE MINDS Ottawa is brought to you by Matt Pinder, author of the blog Beyond the Automobile, and our committed team of volunteers. To find out more, visit