Landsdowne Park Future Forum – October 28

Lansdowne public forum invitation Oct 28 2019.pdf

From: On Behalf Of Jen Humphries
Sent: October 24, 2019 11:59 AM
To: Community Association Forum on Environmental Sustainability
Subject: [cafesottawa] Lansdowne Park’s Future: Public Forum hosted by Glebe CA, Old Ottawa South CA and Old Ottawa East CA

Hello all,

We have learned that the city and OSEG may be moving soon on significant changes to Lansdowne Park. The three CAs closest to the Park invite all of you, colleague CAs, to participate in a public forum to hear about the proposed changes and offer your views. OSEG and the city lead on Lansdowne will be there. Glebe CA president, Sarah Viehbeck, will moderate.

It’s a space that’s been fraught with controversy over the past couple of decades. It’s got some great features but its potential is far from realized. For example, everyone agrees that the Farmer’s Market is wonderful, but the heritage Aberdeen Pavilion where it is held during the winter months — and which hosts other great events — has a leaky roof and generally needs work. And there’s some nice green space including an apple orchard, but there’s also an unsatisfactory shopping mall.

See attached a flyer — please share with your boards/membership. Hope to see some of you there.

Best wishes to all,
J. Humphries
Co-chair, Environment Committee
Glebe CA