Depaving Pontiac Street Ceremony – October 5

We’re holding a depaving ceremony on Saturday, October 5th 2019 from 09:30 to noon. Come and grab a chunk of asphalt (already pre-scored into squares) from the section of Pontiac that we’re converting to park, and throw it out! This is literally a community effort. Equipment and safety gear will be provided.

[Scoring the Pavement with a Circular Saw Cutter]

The related Facebook event is at though there’s no need to sign up. There are plenty of chunks of pavement for everyone!

[Poster for the Depaving]
20190927-4th From pavement to parkland.pdf

It’s the latest step in our project to join Champlain Park to the Champlain Woods to the north. See for the back-story with photos.

Our city councillor Jeff Leiper has handled the city end of things and has a press release with testimonials on the depaving at EnviroCentre is doing the depaving preparation for the event.