Wolf Sighting

This is an advisory to raise awareness of a potential risk to smaller animals and maybe even children.

Description of a sighting on Saturday May 18 provided by a homeowner along Clearview Ave and Patricia Ave, which backs onto the Champlain Woods:

…you mentioned seeing a wolf-like creature in the NCC woods behind our property.
Any skepticism I may have had back then disappeared Saturday evening when [we] both saw what I’m almost certain was a wolf walking the fence line. Much larger and heavier than a coyote (which we often see at our golf club) and certainly not a dog. Perhaps a mix of some sort but definitely a predator from the way it moved through the brush.
The entire area back there is flooded right now and impassable to foot traffic but I wonder if we shouldn’t create some awareness of the risk to smaller animals and maybe even children?

If you happen to see a wolf or other danger, please email info to champlainpark@gmail.com

P.S. Deer were seen in the woods last week. And years ago during a dry summer a family of black bears came across the river from the Gatineau Hills and wandered around Tunney’s Pasture. So we could easily see other wildlife in the neighbourhood.

2 thoughts on “Wolf Sighting

  1. Yes, I’m convinced there are wolves in the area as well. I live on Clearview Ave. on the other side of Island Park Dr. There is a wooded area behind my building and my balcony faces that area (north). I often sit out there in the wee hours of the morning and I have heard howling on two or three occasions, when the moon was full. I thought it was coyotes howling but it could very well have been wolves..

  2. Just saw this afternoon around 5 pm something that looked like a large coyote, beige coat. We were in the Parkway underpass off of Pontiac street at the bottom of Carleton Avenue, coming back from the river, and saw it go by. It was making its way along the Parkway, Eastbound, in the grass and was going towards the Government parking lots (at Scott and Parkdale). It went into the wooded area. It must have been displaced by the flooding. I hope it can find its way back to nature but it sure was going the wrong way for that.

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