Community Bonfire Wrap-up

We had our second and well attended Community Bonfire this past Sunday. The weather was cold (not as much as last year) and sunny, with a slight breeze blowing clouds of smoke along whenever a Christmas tree was added to the fire.

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First, thanks go to community event organizers Jim Cocks, Bill Baggs and Patrick Quinlan. They set it up and did most of the work.

Thanks to Bushtukah for their generous financial contribution, Bridgehead on McRae who provided coffee and supplies once again, and Councilor Jeff Leiper & Fiona for the smores, hot chocolate, permits and active participation!

[Bonfire Group Photo]

A big thank you as well to all who brought their Christmas trees down to the park after their holiday. We have arranged with the NCC to have the remaining Christmas trees mulched and used in the surrounding forests. On a related note, we received useful feedback regarding the materials used in last years bonfire – leading us to make environmentally friendly improvements this year.

[Scrap Wood for Burning]

Thanks to Dave Adams for getting the SJAM trail in such good shape (flattening the area around the fire and tent) and Jim Kot for the Outdoor Rink (ODR).

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By the looks on the faces of the kids and the turnout we had, the effort was well worth it.

[Marshmallows Toasting (or maybe being Smoked) on a Stick]