Chili Makers and Volunteers for the Winter Carnival

The carnival is coming soon, Saturday January 26th to be precise, noon to 3pm at the Field House. More details about that later, but first, we need chili and baked goods!
[2016 Winter Carnival Chili]
Currently we’re looking for volunteers for:

  • Making a Chili for the chili contest (great prizes for the winners)
  • Providing some baked goods (make or fake, we won’t tell)
  • Help with outdoor games and fun
  • Helping in the kitchen
  • Set up/Clean up
  • Ticket sales

Volunteers can contact Erin Topping at to help out.

To see what it looks like, here’s a video from 2016:

Keep an eye out and maybe you’ll see our MPP, Mayor or City Councillor this year.