Election of Officers and Call for Volunteers

With the Champlain Park Community Association annual general meeting coming soon (October 23), it’s time to ask for volunteers to help our community as a board member. Of course, informal volunteering to help with an event or other activity is always welcome.

  • You can ask to be nominated for any of the listed board positions.
  • Names of current nominees are listed on the chart. Most are current Board members who are willing to stay on. However, all positions are open to further nominations.
  • We have a position called “Member at Large”. This allows people to be on the board without a specific “portfolio” and to contribute in a variety of ways as per your interests. Some of our current board members started as Member at Large and then “specialized”.
  • Please see the organizational chart to get some ideas of how you might contribute if you are interested in becoming a board member or other type of CPCA volunteer. Note the chart will be updated after elections at the AGM.
  • If you are thinking of joining the board in the future, attending some of our open executive meetings (advertised on our website) is a good way to familiarize yourself with the work of the community association.
  • The next Board meeting is Wed. Oct. 10 @ 7:30PM in the fieldhouse.
Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA)
Organizational Chart for AGM 23 October 2018
Nominations for Executive Officers and Directors

Executive Officers (5)

Co-chair CoChair1 CoChair1
Co-chair Heather Pearl pearhea@aol.com
Vice-chair Dan Wilcock CPCADan@gmail.com
Secretary Secretary1 Secretary1
Treasurer Josh Bizjak jbizjak@broadbentinstitute.ca

Directors (Max 10)

Civic Engagement Roland Dorsay dorsay@rogers.com
Communications Adrian Bradley adrian.bradley@sympatico.ca
Co-environment Daniel Buckles dbuckles@sas2.net
Co-environment Adrian Bradley adrian.bradley@sympatico.ca
Fieldhouse Laurie Fagan lfagan@magma.ca
Membership Services Jennie Hornosty Jennie.Hornosty@gmail.com
Planning and Zoning Heather Pearl pearhea@aol.com
Social Patrick Quinlan patrick.quinlan65@icloud.com
Member at Large Nick Xenos xenosn@yahoo.com
Member at Large Carol Arnason arnasoncarol@gmail.com
Member at Large Michael Cheng cheng12@sympatico.ca
Member at Large Vacant