Community Association Board Meeting Agenda – September 5


Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Board Meeting

Wednesday September 5, 2018
7:30 PM at the Fieldhouse
Everybody Welcome

Board meetings will have an open session for community residents to observe business discussions. Non board community members will also be invited to participate at certain times by the chair and there will be “in camera” topics for the board members only.

Open session

  1. Approval of previous minutes of executive meeting May 5, 2018 and review of action items, attached – All
  2. Report of interim executive motions – All
  3. Discussions on the use of the $500 donation – Duncan, Michael, Jennie – Information (10 minutes) (Postponed from previous meeting)
  4. Board discussion protocol: referring items back to committee, instead of board discussion – Decision – (Postponed from previous meeting)
  5. Website Branding – use of our name (Champlain Park Community Association) or acronym (CPCA) for meeting descriptions (i.e. Board Meeting) and in Website title – CoChair1 – Discussion – (Postponed from previous meeting)
  6. FCA update – Roland
  7. Ward All Candidates Debate – Roland – 5- 10 Minutes
  8. Briefing on election related aspects of the TreeActionNow coalition with implications for all candidate meetings – Daniel (10 minutes) (see website:
  9. Update on the planters related to the Park extension – Daniel (5 min)
  10. Pontiac Street depraving project – Information – Adrian (5 mins)
  11. Little Woods Restoration project – Adrian (5-10 mins) (CPP motion required for CPCA liability Insurance coverage for volunteers i.e. CPCA supports this activity)
  12. Ongoing Champlain Woods maintenance projects – Adrian (5 mins)
    • (CPP motion required for CPCA liability Insurance coverage for volunteers:   i.e. CPCA supports this activity, includes all low risk and what I did last year
    • planting trees + shrubs
    • trimming pathways, moving + spreading mulch and earth within the Champlain Woods
    • NCC coverage under Land Access Permit (LAP19937)
    • Adrian provides Waiver forms for volunteers to sign, and advises them to wear safety protection
  13. Update re: the illegal Airbnb on Keyworth Ave – Heather (2 minutes)