Smart City 2.0 Questionnaire – March 11

Our co-chair, Heather, is working on a SmartCity response for the CPCA. She would appreciate your input, but also encourages you to respond to the survey directly. Here is some background.

The Federal government’s Smart Cities Challenge invites cities to compete for a top prize of $50 million. The money will be used by the winning cities to respond to community challenges, by taking a “smart city” approach, using data and connected technology. The government is prioritizing applications that harness community input and feedback (that’s us!), to identify key challenges and potential solutions.

For example:

  1. Champlain Park’s Community Plan lists 5 interconnected goals. Could a SmartCity approach help us achieve one, some, or all of these goals? What would it look like?
  2. From a City-wide environmental perspective, a SmartCity approach would consider that food production, forests, urban woodlots and trees, watersheds, rivers, lakes, transportation, where, how and what housing and services are provided, and, human health and quality of life, are part of the same web. Further, the bad air, water and waste produced in cities affect everything downwind, downstream and overland. Cities have a huge impact on climate change. The challenge is to grow a sustainable city. Are there integrative technologies that will help us do this?
  3. All ideas welcome.

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Subject: Smart City 2.0 – Have your say before March 11, 2018

Planning and Development

Smart City 2.0 – Ottawa’s Smart City Strategy

Being a smart city is important to Ottawa!

Last year, City Council approved its Smart City Strategy, Smart City 2.0, paving the way for Ottawa to become an even more connected, innovative, and prosperous city than it is today. Now, the City needs your help create a competitive bid for the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge.

Answer our questionnaire before March 11, 2018. Your answers will help the City identify the most important challenges our communities will face in the future:

  • How can the City better use technology to make Ottawa an even better place to live, work and play?

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