Community Bonfire Wrap-up

We had our first and very successful Community Bonfire this past Sunday. Many neighbours, their families and friends and people passing-by enjoyed meeting around a burning fire, skating on the rink or skiing on the SJAM trail with its new path through the woods and over Pontiac to Champlain Park. They braved extreme cold temperatures while enjoying warmth from the fire, hot drinks, the roasting of marshmallows and s’mores.

First, thanks go to community event organizers Jim Cocks, Bill Baggs. They set it up and did most of the work.

Many thanks to Jeff Leiper and his staff (Emma Kenny and Fiona Mitchell-Gougeon) and city workers for supplying the fire kit and cleaning it up later. Thanks to Bushtukah, and Bridgehead for their support in helping make this happen.

Thanks to Dave Adams for getting the SJAM trail in such good shape (even flattening the area around the fire and tent) and Jim Kot for the Outdoor Rink (ODR) being in such good condition after the recent thaw.

The volunteer event organizers Jim and Bill would also like to thank Adrian Bradley for being the link between the community association and his assistance in advertising and promoting the event.

Here’s the story of the event in photos (click for high-res versions, if available)…

Snow freshly groomed around the fire location.

Fire pit configuration: wheel rim on cementboard, straw bales, stones.
After dealing with a malfunctioning butane lighter, the fire is going well.
First group photo. I recognize Fiona Mitchell-Gougeon (aide to Jeff), Jim Cocks (organizer) on left, and the two rightmost are Emma Kenny (aide to Jeff), Jeff Leiper (our city councillor). Send a note to the webmaster if you have corrections.
Shelving unit put on fire.
Shelving unit burning well.

Dave Adams rides in on the grooming skidoo.

Dave Adams parking the skidoo.
Grooming equipment and the fire crowd.
Main Group Photo. Too many people to name!

Remains of the wicker basket on fire. It did make a nice fire chimney.

View from behind busy Bushtukah tent.
Scene overview panorama.
A busy bonfire.
Kids chanting Burn the Snow, Burn the Snow.

Pallet Framework on Fire.

Pallet frame and sparks.

Pure Fire.

Crushing the last pallet to get it to burn, with lots of sparks.

Fire sparks rising against dark sky.

Departing, last stragglers.

For an index of all the photos and videos, see