Spending Suggestions Wanted

Suggestions wanted

2 Champlain Park residents have kindly donated $500 to our community association, and the Board is considering how to spend this money. We invite our residents to submit suggestions to the webmaster by January 8, 2018.The suggestions will be considered by the Board at our January meeting.

So far we have received the following suggestions

  • Double our contribution to the SJAM Winter Trail from $250.00 to $500.00
  • Winter event related to the SJAM Winter Trail
  • A special spring event in conjunction with our membership drive
  • An event to celebrate our community’s history and ecosystem
  • Refill the planters on Pontiac with better soil and buy spring bulbs
  • A bench and rack for skiing
  • A chess or ping pong table
  • Summer bonfire with free refreshments
  • New paint for the hockey rink boards
  • Bocce court

We look forward to receiving more suggestions from our residents. Please reply to champlainpark@gmail.com