Urgently need volunteer for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator position

We urgently need to find a community volunteer to take on the role of Neighbourhood Watch Coordinatoras if no replacement is found by Dec 31 the program will be cancelled from our neighbourhood.

We believe this program is well worth our efforts in trying to save, as it affects the safety and wellness of our community as a whole.

I am asking if you could use your personal network of friends and neighbours living in Champlain Park if they would be interested in volunteering for this position.  We are also looking for additional Block Captains to support the program.

Details of the roles are available on our website at: Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator and outlined below.

If interested or have any questions please don’t hesitate send us an email and we will get back to you –

Please send email to: champlainpark@gmail.com

Thanking you in advance!


If you have ever experienced a break-in or property or vehicle vandalization you may have also experienced the following:

“Victims often speak of a sense of violation, which can lead to feeling of fear, anger and emotional distress – and can occur especially in children or the elderly.”

Detail of Roles:

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

The Neighbourhood Watch Program depends on a communication network made up of members of the community. 

The Watch is expected to have a Coordinator, selected from among its members, as well as several Block Captains to help the Watch run smoothly and to facilitate communication to and from Watch members. 

The Coordinator is principally responsible for the entire Watch and serves as the Watch’s contact with the Ottawa Neighbourhood Watch Executive Committee (ONWEC) and the Ottawa Police Service – primarily through the local Community Police Centre. 

There are occasional meetings (possible once a year) called by the ONWEC to which Coordinators are invited where problems and issues affecting the City as a whole are discussed. 

Coordinators may also call local community meetings from time to time or channel information to residents through established local communication networks whenever a particular rash of crimes occur in the area about which members should be aware.

Block Captain

The Block Captain is principally responsible for monitoring a set of approximately ten homes within a Watch and also acts as a conduit for information between residents, the Coordinator and the Police.