Nails at Sidewalk Site Cleaned Up

In very very local news…

Subject: Fast response by City of Ottawa and local councillor’s office
Date: Sat, 6 May 2017 22:05:37 -0400
From: Dave and Colleen Bolger <>

Hello neighbours,

Big thanks to the city for prompt action on the sidewalk construction clean-up last week.

Below we alerted our city councillor’s office and the Infrastructure Services department about the nails we found on the street last weekend during the annual spring clean-up morning.

Both Kristin Smith, the City’s project manager for the sidewalk construction in our neighbourhood, and Tom Pechloff, at city counsellor Jeff Leiper’s office responded last week by reviewing the sidewalk work with the contractor to clean up the practices and also by having the street sweeper come by in the evening.

We’re ready for bare foot weather now!

Colleen Bolger

From: Dave and Colleen Bolger
Sent: April 29, 2017 2:40 PM
To: ‘’ <>
Subject: Champlain Park-Nails from sidewalk construction


Please note the nails we found on the street of one block of Premier Avenue between Cowley and Keyworth where city sidewalks are being replaced. We found the nails while participating in the community association’s annual neighbourhood clean-up this morning as part of the City’s Cleaning the Capital Campaign.

Coincidentally, over the past two weeks, we have had two nails removed from one car, and a tire replacement on another car.

Despite any inconveniences to residents and their tires, these construction practices are unsafe, particularly in the part of the neighbourhood between the city park and the school where there is a great deal of family, toddler and child pedestrian traffic.

We have submitted this notice formally under Request type: Infrastructure Services, Your service request number is: 201700569746.

We were unable to find the project manager responsible for the Champlain Park repairs as the city website only lists the 2016 program. We have misplaced the paper notice that the City staff delivered a few weeks ago.


Colleen Bolger