Renaming Streets in Champlain Park

Subject: Street renaming: two streets in Champlain Park are on the list.
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 00:32:57 -0400
From: Heather Pearl <>

Jeff Leiper’s Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter contains a notice about street renaming, that affects two streets in Champlain Park. Patricia Avenue (Pontiac to Premier) and Premier Avenue (Remic to Island Park Drive and from Patricia to Northwestern) are on the list of streets to be renamed.

From the information supplied, it appears that keeping the current names as-is, is not an option. The City will be contacting residents shortly and providing a list of alternate names for discussion. Apparently, the simplest option often is to add north, south, east or west to the street name, but residents may also suggest new street names.

Street re-namings in Kitchissippi

Kitchissippi is one of the last wards on the City’s list to clean up duplicate and confusing street names. There are over 20 in the ward that need a new name (many will likely simply end up with a “north” or “east” tacked on to the end, the simplest approach). I’ve got full details in a post here, including my request for names for River Street.

Please click the following link:, for more details. The explanation also contains an embedded link that takes you to a City FAQ page.

Jeff says, “…if you live on one of these affected streets, or portions of streets, stay tuned. The City will be in touch.”