137 Carleton Proposal Update

See the previous discussion at 137 Carleton Advance Proposal.

Subject: Update: 137 Carleton Proposal is now on the CofA web site.
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 21:38:10 -0500

This is an update on the proposal to build a new semi-detached at 137 Carleton Avenue. The Committee of Adjustment (CofA) will hear the proposal on February 1, 2017. The (135)/137 Carleton Avenue plans are posted on the CofA web page (Agenda items 2 – severance – and 3 – minor variance – applications). To view the application:

Click this link:
Click item 3: 137 Carleton. The relevant .pdf documents will appear in the panel to the right.
Click: 137 Carleton Plans.pdf to view a copy of the site plan and elevations.

Thank you,
Heather Pearl

Carleton 137 Plan Thumbnail.jpeg

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